10 Essential Items for the Vintage Home

Over the past few years, I've been slowly switching out the factory line items in my home for fabulous vintage finds with lots of character. I've heard so many people say they want to start decorating with vintage but they don't know where to start. My tip is to take your time and fill your home with items you really love.

Every time you hit a vintage market or antique mall, find an item that speaks to you. Seriously, you'll hear voices in your head :) When you come home, switch it out with something that your not crazy about. Donate the item, sell it in a yard sale, or give it to a friend. Over time your home will start to evolve into something that's more you.  Now don't get me wrong, I love a good find from Target or Pottery Barn, just fewer of them.

If your still not sure where to begin, use this list to start collecting. These are my 10 essential items for the vintage home:

1. Colorful Pyrex

2. Globe or Map


3. Quilt

antique quilt grandmothers flower garden depression era vintage textile art
4. Industrial Storage


5. Books


6. Barware

Vintage Retro Tumblers Barware Cocktail Glasses

7. Mason Jars

Vintage Glass Canning and Fruit Jars (Mason jars)

8. Kitch

vintage his and hers adorable ceramic owl salt and pepper shakers, couple, romance, kitsch, 1960s

9. Suitcases


10. Art


It was REALLY hard to keep it to 10 things but I think this is a good starting point for the vintage beginner. The main thing is to find items that you LOVE. If you are a writer, find a vintage typewriter. If you into fashion, a display of vintage hats. If you like to entertain, some great serving pieces. Just make it you!

What are your essential vintage decor items?


Bella Pop Online Photography Classes

*images from this post lost due to this debacle :(

You've probably heard me whine about my broken camera already. It hit extra hard because I had just learned how to used the darn thing! I got a call from the doctor repairman this morning and my baby will be home from the hospital shop sometime in the next month. Sigh...thinking happy thoughts.

As you know one of my 12 in 2012 goals was to take a photography class and learn how to use my new Nikon D3100. Well Brandy of Bella Pop heard my call and offered me a spot in her first test class, Shooting in Manual online class. In exchange I would give her feedback and tell you all my honest opinion about the class.

Well honestly...It exceeded all of my expectations. I am amazed at the things I learned in just 4 short weeks. I was really worried that an online class wouldn't have enough hands on practice or individual help, boy was I wrong. 

The class is broken down into 4 lessons/weeks. Each includes detailed instructions/information plus a video and an assignment. Everyone in that session is part of a private Facebook group where you post your shooting practice. You then get feedback from the instructors and your classmates. You learn so much not only from your own practice, but by others as well.

Everyone is so supportive and I felt comfortable asking even the silliest of questions. I went in knowing NOTHING about my camera or photography in general. Now I'm spouting off words like aperture, shutter, and bokeh!

If you have been wanting to learn how to use your camera (the real way) I highly recommend this class. I can't wait to take my next class from Bella Pop. I just need to decide if I want to take Composition & Design or Shooting with Natural Light...hmmmm?

Hop on over to Bella Pop and check out the class schedule. If a class isn't in your budget right now, I recommend subscribing to Brandy's blog posts. She gives amazing photography tips! She also loves vintage as much as I do and takes lovely pictures of her finds :)


an ode to triangles

* part of content lost due to this debacle :(

Do you see the theme? I have a small thing for triangles. Equilateral, isosceles, or scalene, I love them all. I wouldn't mind adding these to my collection...

DAY BAG - triangle 

vintage 80s triangle print sundress : vintage if i could be with you dress 

simple peaks. 

Oh, geometry. The only math I ever understood. I'll be back tomorrow with Thrift Score Thursday.

P.S. Thrift withdrawl is real. I haven't been in over a week and I have the shakes. I'm off to get my fix.


currently craving: pastels

My baby fever and excitement for Spring have merged and I'm a bit obsessed with pretty pastels at the moment. Some eye candy for you...

Vintage Pastel Polka Dot Tumblers

Dog Tooth Settee

Leather Scallop Petals Necklace - Pastel Spring Garden - Made to Order

Vintage Pink Cake Carrier

Diamond Pillow in Mint Green by Yellow Heart Art

Set of Pastel Taper Candles

Personalized Stationery Note Card Set - Set of 8

Set of 6 Melmac Cups

Mid Century Enamel Pan

FRAMED CHALKBOARD Shabby Chic Nursery Pastel Chalk board Picture Frame Vintage Style Kitchen Chalkboard - Any Color

Look for some great pastels added to the shop this month ;)