Our Holiday Traditions

I've had a couple of guests over to tell about their family's holiday traditions, but I thought I'd share a few of mine as well. We are a bit obsessed with tradition in my family. If something changes we go into panic mode...it can be quite comical. My sister and I are getting older though and adding my husband and her fiance into our family has forced us to loosen up a bit. There are a few that will never change though.

1. Christmas Eve Lasagna: Every year we make a huge Italian feast the night before Christmas and stuff ourselves. We only make it once a year so we will never get sick of it. I look forward to this even more than Thanksgiving dinner. 

Broccoli and Three-Cheese Lasagna

2. Matching Pajamas: Every Christmas Eve we open one gift and it's always matching pajamas from my mom. My husband hates this tradition, but he's a trooper.

3. White Christmas:  We watch this every Christmas Eve.  I can recite the whole movie by heart :)

4. HoneyBaked Ham Co.:  Our Christmas dinner ham must come from The HoneyBaked Ham Co.. One year my mom tried to pull of a ham from Costco...we're still mad about it. 

HoneyBaked Ham - Quality Guaranteed

There are a bunch more, but I won't overwhelm you. Our Christmas runs on a pretty tight schedule to fit them all in but we love it.

We are breaking with tradition this year when it comes to Christmas brunch. Instead of our usual breakfast casserole, my sister's fiance is make chorizo and a traditional Mexican breakfast. I'll let you know if anybody needs to be sedated or hospitalized. We've had the same brunch for at least 27 years...


10 Easy Holiday DIYs

They are popping up all over the web these days...holiday diy's. I've been bookmarking a ton lately on all of my favorite blogs. I wanted to share my ten favorite tutorials with you. They are all very easy and low-cost.

We are all busy, but a little creativity goes along way to relieve stress. So grab a few supplies, put on some Christmas tunes, and add some holiday cheer to your home!

1. Snowflake Mobile at Acute Designs

2. Anthro Hack Mason Jars at A Pretty Cool Life

3: Ice Skate Ornaments at Skunkboy Creatures

4. Christmas Lyrics Glitter Banner at Katie's Pencil Box

5. Stitched Ornaments at Oh, Sweet Joy!

6. Paint Ornaments at Miss Indie

7. Gingerbread Men Ornaments at Sunshine & Carousels

8. Recycled Paper Wreath at Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard

9. Printable Gift Bags at 30 Handmade Days

10. Holiday Door Mat at A Beautiful Mess